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January 24, 2005


Philip Bohlken


I am not sure where you get your figures for the price of the Statesman. Perhaps you are quoting a newstand price. We were on a quarterly billing to have the paper delivered each day of the week in Caldwell. The bill was about $100 per quarter or $400 per year.

Mike Ladislavsky

Philip, you were sending the Statesman $400 a year?! Let's see, $13 times 12 is, um ...a loooot less than $400. Shows you how intellectually challenged a conservative can be.

Also, the term "Christian Soldier" is so appropriate for you people -- Jesus would have wept and walked away in haste if he saw what human beings had turned his teachings into. "Christian soldiers" ran the Inquisition which forced non-Christians to convert to Christianity at the point of the sword - yup, Christian soldiers. The majority of the original population of the Americas were massacred by - yup, Christian soldiers. And Africans were enslaved by -- yup, Christian soldiers.

With soldiers like these, who needs enemies?

Philip Bohlken

A couple of years ago I noticed the Idaho Statesman gave a lot of space on the front page (with a picture) to Tom Daschle so he could bash President G W Bush. Within days Daschle had egg all over his face because he was just plain wrong. The "correction" appeared in one-half of a cryptic sentence hidden in a very small article on page four. I wrote several people at the Statesman an e-mail in which I told them they are worse than Pravda and Isvestia during the height of the Cold War. They were on probation with me. If they did not stop managing the news and start reporting it, I would fire them as my newspaper. One person wrote back to say he was glad they were merely on probation. I "fired" them as my newspaper and am glad not to be sending them $400 a year to finance their left-wing drivel.


Ann Coulter, watch out!

Tim Smith

And the Idaho Statesman wouldn't print your letter?! I am Shocked...SHOCKED I tell you!! It'' riguer for what's new? Heh.


What a wonderful post!! You gave any conservative writer the tools needed to expose hateful liberals. Thank you for taking the time to write this.

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