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March 27, 2005


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Hi Andy!

First, thank you for visiting my web site.

Second, let me make sure I'm interpreting correctly what you said: While Terri Schiavo was being starved to death, those of us supporting her should have starved ourselves too. Damn those of us who kept eating while she was starving!

If this is not what you meant, I would love for you to correct me. If it is exactly what you meant...well - and I hate to be the one to break it to you - your logic is flawed. (There goes the lawyer in me). But never fear, I will not "gnash my teeth" over it like you believe most right-wingers do.

However I will point out that by your reasoning, tree-huggers are banned from living in wood houses and those who support abortion should have one. Come now, Andy. I can't imagine that you'd support your girlfriend or wife aborting your child just to prove loyalty to and sympathy with the anti-life cause.

Now, maybe your comment that it was "ironic" that Schiavo supporters ate Easter dinner while she was starved to death was meant to be taken in a different way.

If so, I'm all ears. (But again, no gnashing here).



So according to your reasoning all good Christians should say--"I know that Scott Peterson brutally killed his wife and unborn son, but golly-gee, we shouldn't send him to jail and punish him, instead he should be free to roam the streets and kill more women and children."

While God' grace and mercy are undeniable, so is His justice. And both are designed to be carried out in this world.

Since when did justice become hate????


There's a particular irony in being pleased about having a big Easter meal in one's belly when one's cause du jour is being starved to death, isn't there?


I know why we should get rid of Judge Greer, but please set a Christian example and forgive, and love your neighbor as yourself. Forgiveness is something that the church can capitalize on, especially with this situation, but I hear a lot of anger. Greer and Michael will be judged by God alone, we must love them and forgive them. Let us be good examples and not examples of hate, for if we are, we are just as guilty.

Soldado De Oracion

I found your site through Nick Queen's "Out of the Wilderness" New Christian Blogs. I really liked your site. I really enjoy your ability to put things plain and straightforward.

Thank you for the link on Ripe4Change's petition to impeach Judge Greer. The Judiciary could really use change big time and soon!

God bless you and your blogging.

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