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March 31, 2005


Timberland For Sale

Many smart senior people (un-named because their companies are involved in this snake-oil sale) have confirmed this for me, saying "sentiment analysis software? don't bother"

supra vaider shoes

I'm going home tonight to take a pick, i'm very excited about this (clearly you see how sad and crazy i am about shoes.) Will post the picture

Christian Democrat

Strongly divisive rhetoric pulls in more of the same, it's a bad situation getting worse. Please seek some common ground with those progressives of faith as you might with those of no faith. An inch towards the center is a good first step.

To make such strong statements shows strong feelings on the issues, but perhaps clouded judgement. Be aware that the GOP is FANTASTIC at using scripture to lull the Christian mind into thinking that they are on the same side. Many may well be, but the GOPs actions speak much louder than their words, and those actions are in many ways un-Christian; think about protecting God's creation, think about taking care of the poor in ways that actually make a difference, think about real family values like food, heat and funded education that might raise some above poverty.

Also, you may want to read Jim Wallis' book "God's Politics." He isn't on either side and wisely points the Biblical mis-reads of the GOP while also kicking the Dems pretty well. We all have a long way to go.

Further thinking is to be found at:

Phillipians 3: 12-14

Yours in Christ,

Christian Democrat

Justin Kayse

Impeach Bush now, not only has he cost the US 1,600 lives in Iraq he couldn't even save Teri. What a loser.

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