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July 10, 2005



I guess you don't understand, I didn't say that this was a great idea, all I am claiming is that you said they were trying to play it off as if they were trying to raise money, when they never claimed that was their intention!


How in the world is it helpful to the Africans for the Live Aid 8 bunch to "raise awareness"--when donating the money from the event might actually put food into some the starving stomachs. Come on--it's like making a beautiful dinner for a bunch of starving kids and telling them they can't eat it, but instead you're going teach them how to make creme brulee. The Africans need food--not awareness. It's idiotic for the Live Aid 8 to even pretend to care about the Africans--when all they are concerned about is self promotion and satisfaction. And if it was the intentions of the Live Aid 8 to convince the G8 leaders to forgive debt--they might want to check their track record. When was the last time ANYONE, let alone national leaders, took Madonna or Brad Pitt SERIOUSLY?


Dear Captain Buttnick:

Thanks for making my point! (Although I'm sure it was unintentional).

As you said, "there was never any mention of [Live 8] trying to raise money."

Rather, the whole wildly-televised and extraordinarily expensive shin dig was, in classic liberal fashion, to make other parties responsible for someone else's debt - or what I like to call: not putting your money where your enormously large mouth is.

All the best,

The Christian Soldier


You need to do a little more research. Live Aid 8 was to raise awarness in the public to encourage. They were hoping the bigwigs attending the G8 Summit would forgive debt owed by African nations! There was never any mention of them trying to raise money, in fact every article I read (in the paper and the web) never stated otherwise. Please next time you give your opnion on information, make sure it is correct information!

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