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January 08, 2006



Ash - It's great to see you jumping back into writing. I've been coming back every now and then, waiting for something new to review. You have a story that many need to hear and God has incredible plans for your life! Keep in going and we'll talk soon. (Quick wav to Ryan and Venda).


I am also an authentic Christian soldier in the army of the Lord Jesus Christ!


I am so excited for your future. there are so many great things that are happening now and, I believe, "will" happen. You know this already, but I thought I would just remind you again. You are altogether completely in my prayers and I'm pretty much jealous of your new "cushy" job on the hill. Think I'll have to come out and visit!


It's so wonderful to see you writing again. It is theraputic isn't it? God will take the difficulties of this past year (yes, they have been numerous) and use them for His glory and for your good...not sure how, but we can trust that His Word is true! I look forward to reading more about what the Lord is doing in your life. As always, you are in my heart and my prayers. I love and miss you!


P.S. The whole gang sends their love. Little Emma looks more like Aunty Ashley every day. Where the heck did she get that blond hair?!?!


It's nice to see you writing again, Ash. Keep up the good work.



I'm sorry that you will get what you eventually deserve...and obviously want; only then will you realize the reality of who God is. God will provide you and Nietzsche the perfect environment to discuss your philosophy - how ironic will that be!


God is dead, and no one cares. If there is a hell, I'll take you there

Venda Horne

My darling daughter. I cannot put into words like you do the greatness of God but going thru 2005 without God would have spelled disaster for me. God has carried me the entire year. His love has sustained me. I love my family ever so dearly and I am the most fortunate of all women. I love you. I hope I spelled everything right.

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